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El delegado de la Presidencia para Inversiones, General (R) Álvaro Baltodano afirmó que las expectativas en inversiones extranjeras directas para este año es superar los US$1,500 millones en lo que se refiere a los sectores de manufactura, agricultura y energía, entre otros.

LAC Flavors is an annual specialized business matchmaking meeting that brings together food exporters and international buyers to create new business opportunities.

Place: Granada, Nicaragua.

Date: July 25th and 26th

Organizers: PRONicaragua, the Superior Council of the Private Enterprise (COSEP) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Conciliaciones de reclamos de menos de 100,000 córdobas es obligatoria en el MITRAB

Autoridades y servidores públicos del Ministerio del Trabajo, han recibido capacitaciones relacionadas a la Ley 815, Código Procesal del Trabajo y de Seguridad Social, con el objetivo de dar más y mejores servicios a los trabajadores y trabajadoras que lo demanden ante la vía administrativa, es decir por medio del Ministerio del Trabajo.

The “Food for the People” Program, for workers at Free Zones; was derived from the Tripartite Labor Agreement signed in January 2010, and it was implemented since April of the same year.

The distribution of basic grains packages has been coordinated with Nicaraguan Basic Food Estate Company –ENABAS. Since the program began, companies have shown their acceptance, and other companies have been joining to it each month.

"Food for the People” Program for workers at Free Zones

The National Free Zone Commission recentrly conducted a formal delivery of donations, consisting of 10 computers to the Hogar Zacarias Guerra, these computers will be of great help to strengthen and improve the quality of education of the students of that institution.

Computer's donation

With total success is development the past Sunday July 15 the II Free Zone’s Cycling Marathon.

The heading was carried out precisely in front of the headquarters of the company Caipsa in the city of Chinandega, where the competitors gathered in the early hours of the morning for the organization of the output and placed in their respective categories.

The industrial parks in the free zones in Nicaragua have continue growing in recent years, which shows the interest that foreign investors have due to the favourable investment climate that prevails in this country, this according to Alfredo Coronel, Executive Director of the National Free Zones Commission.

We are in the last week of registration for the II Free Zone's Cycling  Marathon , which will take place on Sunday July 15 in the West of the country, with a distance of 20 km, leaving the Rotonda of Chinandega to the City of Corinto . The event will feature the companies Arnecom Caipsa, Langostinos de  Nicaragua, Centex, Camanica.

Under the success of the golf tournament I Zones 2011 conducted last year at Hacienda Iguana, Tola, Rivas, the CNZF organized and carried out in an extraordinary and very successful Golf Tournament II Zones , which was held on 18 March at the Nejapa Golf & Country Club Managua, with the participation of over 100 golfers belonging to different companies in Free Zones, private sector entrepreneurs and members of the Club Nejapa.

Torneo de Golf de las Zonas Francas


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